Children love to play and we encourage them by exploring the games of their interest.
We use various innovative activities for the holistic development of your child.
We make learning a fun to ensure that your child learn when they play.

Learning Begins Here


Age Group
1.5 Years to 2.5 Years

Nursery/LKG & UKG

Age Group
2.5 Years to 3.5 Years +


Age Group
2 Years +

A Few Words About Our Center

At Atipriye Kids Pre-School, we nurture your child to become a quick learner and intelligent enough to explore and face the world ahead. Each child gets personal attention and training for his/her overall development in a conducive environment to bring out the optimum results. We focus on special brain training and development. This is the age where your kid’s mind develops most. We provide an environment for proper and accelerated development of children’s minds. We provide ample number of modules through which your child can both play and learn. With years of experience, we at Atipriye Kids Pre-School , always strive to improvise ourselves so that our tiny tots stand out tall in the crowd!

  • Special child care where kids can find love and encouragement.
  • Optimum level satisfaction to parents about their child’s growth.
  • Modules for development through games and mental activities.
More About Us

What Makes Us Unique

Learn through play

Children at our centre learn through a variety of innovative games and activities which make the learning easier.

Education Services

Our main motive is to educate your child in the right way and through the right methods.

Toys and Games

There are endless numbers of toys and games for your kids to keep them engaged.

Mother’s Lap

Our well trained and dedicated teachers bestow their all love on our kids to make them feel safe safe and secure.

Love and Care

Affection, love and care make the children at ease and attached with us and they happily come to us.

Physical Activity

We put our best efforts to let our tiny tots remain fit and healthy with lots of physical and mental activities.

Ask our alumni parents and they will say
Atipriye Kids is the Most Trusted Care Centre for their children.

Every parent trusts us for the care and growth of their children. We know that your child is precious and his/her growth is your priority. Thus, we make sure to never let you down.

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