5 tips on choosing a perfect preschool for your child

It is the most anxious time for every parent when it comes to choosing the right school for their child. Many parents get confused about what to consider while selecting the right school. So we are here to provide you the most important things to keep in mind while finding the right school for your precious child. Following are the 5 most important tips on choosing a perfect preschool for your child:


Safety for children at preschool should be a primary concern for every parent. Leaving your child at a school just by its name is not enough. Parents must analyse every safety aspect themselves before admitting their children in a school. You can consider following points with respect to safety at school:

  • Indoor child safety: Indoor safety involves physically harmless environment for every child. No instruments should be present near children that can cause injuries. Infrastructure should be built in a protective manner.
  • Outdoor child safety: Outdoor safety involves safety in open areas like playgrounds. There should be a perfect ratio between the playing area, the green space (i.e. plants and trees) and rides. Also, rides and swings shoulds be built by considering child safety.
  • Emotional safety: It is important that teachers provide every student emotional support individually and collectively. Every parent should try to make sure to admit their students in a school where they can find teachers who make their children feel safe.
  • Environmental safety: Before admitting your child in a school you should make sure that the school is located at a place away from industrial area or where false chemical smell or polluted water can cause illness.

2. Discipline

Inculcation of discipline in a child’s behaviour is a very important task and should be the done with a lot of patience. A child should be disciplined academically as well as behaviourally when he attends a school. You can not sit with your child at the school everyday but you can make sure about following things:

  • We send our children school primarily to discipline them. So make sure that the school you choose for your child does not leave their children after they enter the school and wave off their responsibility.
  • Make sure that the school has proper guidelines for academic discipline and they keep children involved in academic activities and help they enjoy learning and be more sincere about it.
  • Behavioural discipline is as important as academic discipline. Make sure that the school you want your child to be admitted in is interested in your child’s behavioural development as well as academic development.
  • When it comes to discipline, one thing we all should understand is that to inculcate discipline in a child we don’t always need to brutally punish the child. So make sure that the school makes actual efforts to discipline your child instead of punishing them.

3.Children – teacher communication

When you get your child enrolled in a school the school becomes responsible for your child’s care for those hours when your child is with them. School is not just their to admit students but also to look over them and make them feel comfortable in that environment. Hence, there are few point you should understand before choosing a school for your child.

  • Your child should feel comfortable with his/her teachers and should be able to talk openly and share his/her thoughts.
  • Children’s mind is filled with curiosity so he/she should able to raise questions openly in front of his/her teachers and should be answered properly.
  • Children may feel left out sometimes and at that time proper support should be provided to make sure that your child isn’t ignored.
  • One to one sessions between children and students should be encouraged. This develops a child’s emotional skills as well as communication skills.

4.Learning – playing balance

We all know that playing is as important as learning and it is crucial for a child’s overall development. But this does not mean that there shouldn’t be any balance between learning and playing. It is important to see that the school is taking every child’s overall development seriously and maintaining an appropriate balance between work and play. You can consider following points in this context:

  • Learning should not be disturbed by continuous playful environment.
  • Activities should help children in overall development.
  • Appropriate time should be allocated to both learning and playing.
  • Learning can be done through participation in various activities.

5.Economic value

We often enroll our child in a school which is most reputed and highly expensive. But does all schools with high amount of fees provide quality in teaching and child development? Think again. Yes, a reputed school can be good for your child but not an expensive school. Consider following points while submitting the fees amount to any school:

  • Is that school providing something that other less expensive schools can’t?
  • Will that expense give any output to your child in future that other schools can’t?
  • Will that school provide your child a safe environment with that cost?
  • Will that school give your child the same quality consideration even if you are from middle class background?

These were the few major points that you must consider before proceeding with your child’s enrollment in any school. These are very basic yet very important aspects of your child’s growth that no one talks about. So stop worrying and start analysing as your child needs you the most. While we are with you to help you in every step of your child’s development.

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