Your child’s first years of school are filled with many wondrous moments. It is a time of social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. The skills learned at this stage : knowing what sounds the letter A makes or adding 2 + 2 may seem simple but they will set your child up for a life time of learning. Young children learn through play and creative activity. Our objectives are :

  • To enable children to continue their exploration.
  • To foster social, aesthetic and motor skills in young children.
  • To develop their language and other skills.

At Atipriye Kids, children in this program learn and are engaged in activities such as reading, writing, counting, recognitions, in a playful manner. We help the child to build up their better communication and expression skills.

General Information
  • Age Group  :  2.5 years +
  • Duration     : 2-3 Hours
  •                 Intervals     : Second Saturday Off.

What we do

“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Do You Know How Loved You Are?”

We believe that quality education in the early days sets a firm foundation in the overall development of the child. At Atipriye Kids, our nursery program provide a stream of activities to help the children move towards their early learning goals. A glimpse of our nursery curriculum :

Rhymes & Stories.
Subject Concepts ( Numbers, English, Hindi, Etc.)
Celebration of Festivals and Other Special Days
Field Trips