At Atipriye Kids ; children are engaged in fun-filled activities of learning which is a complete package that enables overall development of the child by developing in terms of feelings. intellect and skills parameters. We focus on :

  • Subjective as well as emotional development of the child.
  • Activity based learning methodologies.
  • Encouragement of expression and creative skills among children.

Our methods of learning are customised as per the child’s interest and requirement. We believe that every child is unique and hence our methodologies for every child varies from each other. Our teachers develop customised learning activities by creating a joyful environment and plan the activities ranging from simple to complex. Children participate in these activities which ensure the child’s development at physical, intellectual and psychological level.

General Information.
  • Age Group :  1.5 years +
  • Duration     : 2-3 Hours
  •          Intervals     : Weekdays Off.

What we do

“Play Gives Children A Chance To Practice What They Are Learning”

We believe that playtime is precious. It builds brain, pathways for thinking , creativity, flexibility, empathy and many other lifelong skills. At Atipriye Kids, we perform various play related activites. A glimpse of some of these are appended below :

Games & Rides
Rhymes & Stories
Celebrations of all festivals & special day
Oral, Recognition & Writing, Reading & Speaking, Classification & Sorting, Visual Discrimination, Puzzles, Good Habits, Etc.
Monthly Assessments, Student of the months, Appreciation Board, Kids Diary, Freshers Day, Sports Day, Graduation Day, Annual Day, Etc.