Our Programs

Atipriye Kids Pre-School offers all types of programs for the tiny tots. These programs are Playway/Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Kindergarten/LKG & UKG and Creche. Our diversified modules give overall development to every child.

We provide a safe environment which is best suitable for the children to explore their circumstances and learning.


In this important age for growth we provide learning activities which children can grasp and inculcate easily.


Kindergarten/LKG & UKG
We develop clear and focussed learning plans for children which are perfect for children at this stage of learning.


We provide variety of services like story telling, crafts, rhymes, music and dance etc. to make the children feel home away from home.


Our Capabilities

Our highly trained and experienced teachers, effective student-teacher ratio and concept based activity and learning curriculum are the key highlights of our system. Other than this, we do not hesitate to go an extra mile to take care of our students. This combination of activities, learning and caring , trains the students for life long development even when no one is there to guide them. We nurture kids in a way that is most suitable for their individual capabilities and the era they are growing in.

Our teachers and students participate in events and functions which are of great importance for children’s overall development.

Child care has always been our primary priority and we consider individual needs of every child as they are all different.

Our teaching modules are much different than of others as we inculcate the changing environmental methods.

We let children actively participate in physical activities and games so that they are never left behind in terms of growth.

Unmatched teaching & development method.
Overall development based modules and extraordinary teaching style which makes the learning process much easier and enjoyable for children makes us and our students stand out of the crowd.
Renowned foundation builders.
Most trusted playschool environment.
Overall Development

Our Teachers

At Atipriye Kids Pre-School, we believe that the teachers play an important role in building a child’s success in their first years of school and that is why our teachers incorporate lessons through innovative methodologies and track their progress and records and report that information to parents.


Our teachers are patient with young kids who have a tough time expressing themselves or need lots of help in learning skills.


Our teachers have good communication skills which through which they record and deliver the children’s progress to their parents.


Keeping young kids’ attention requires creativity and our teachers think of new and innovative ways to engage children to learn.


Our teachers are empathic to kids emotions because communicating the concepts to kids in a way they understand is crucial.

Our Features

  • Children friendly facilities for learning which include state of the art audio visual methods.
  • Continuous changing activities with innovative ideas to keep the learning spirit afresh in our tiny tots.
  • Adequate backup for electricity with air cooled well ventilated rooms.
  • Artistically decorated surroundings with focus on education, good habits and manners by keeping in mind the taste of the children.
  • Provision of filtered RO water.
  • Highly motivated and well trained faculties.
  • A vast collection of indoor and outdoor activities and games.
  • Building confidence amongst children by making them speak on Mic.
  • Making children aware of our rich culture by celebrating all festivals and occasions.
  • Regular seminars and workshops for teachers to make them up to date with latest methods of teaching.